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AAUG looking forward to future, Apple announcements coming

It finally looks like the COVID pandemic is receding and we may get a chance to start and plan how to return club operations back to normal.  We have a Board of Directors later this month and it will be a topic of the timetable to return to seeing each other besides through a monitor.

Dan's Tutorials

Zoom into the Display on the iPad and iPhone

If you are having a hard time reading text on your iPad or iPhone, in …

Mac Minutes Podcast

Episode 183, iPadOS 16 takes the versatility of iPad even further with powerful new productivity and collaboration features

In this episode, we will discuss iPadOS 16 and how it will take the versatility …

Dan's Tutorials

Sound Recognition on the iPad and iPhone

Did you know you could have your iPad or iPhone listen for sounds? This could …

Dan's Tutorials

Move Selected Files into a New Folder

Did you know that you can move your selected files into a new folder through …

Dan's Tutorials

Use Voice Control to control your iPad and iPhone

Did you know you could control your iPad or iPhone with just your voice? You …

Dan's Tutorials

WWDC 2022 – New in macOS Monterey, iPadOS 16, and iOS 16

Apple is having there Worldwide Development Conference from June 6-12. This is where Apple Join …

Dan's Tutorials

Change the Text Size, add Button Shapes, and more on the iPad and iPhone

Most of us know how to change the text size and also make the text …

Dan's Tutorials

Browse Dan’s Tutorials through a Shortcut

Try out my Shortcut for browsing my site! When you run it, you can select …

Mac Minutes Podcast

Episode 182, Apple unveils watchOS 9 for AppleWatch delivering new ways to stay connected, active, and healthy

In this episode, we will continue our discussion of the events from the Worldwide Developer …

Dan's Tutorials

Face ID & Attention Accessibility Settings on the iPad and iPhone

Learn how to set if your iPad or iPhone need you to pay attention to …

Dan's Tutorials

Manage Significant Locations on the iPad and iPhone

Did you know you could ignore the built-in trackpad on your Mac if you have …

Dan's Tutorials

AMA Webinar – June 9, 2022

Watch my AMA Webinar from June 9, 2022. What is an AMA? Ask Me Anything. …

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