Happy Holidays! Preparing for 2022

By President Jon Scudder

 The holidays are upon us and I wish all our members a merry holiday season. I enjoy this season as it offers more time to spend with friends and family. I hope you can find time to attend one of our meetings or attend one of Dan’s Tutorial Workshops.

Looking forward to next year, December offers us an excellent opportunity to reflect on the pandemic stricken year and more importantly some forward planning and action for the coming year.  First, I want to tell you what I am thankful for over the past year.

Thank you, members, and club officers for persevering through this year and staying with AAUG.  Truly our members now are the core and have displayed the dedication to keep AAUG alive.  Our club officers have done the same over the past year.  They faithfully have kept AAUG running on an austere budget, keeping programs growing and improving the club overall.  I am very proud of the efforts done to improve our webpage and relationship with Dan’s Tutorials.  I would encourage you to bookmark our webpage as new material is refreshed daily.  Also, please check out the Mac Minutes podcast weekly for new information posted each Friday.

 With that, I also need to thank Dan Wassink for carrying a large share of the meetings with knowledgeable “Ask Me Anything” seminars.  They have been enjoyable and enlightening to us all. 

As we end 2021, I look to next year for growth.  A chance to get together and hold special events.  I would also encourage members to step forward and contribute as a club officer.  The responsibilities can be matched to your availability.  Please reach out to me if you want to discuss it further at jonkscudder@gmail.com.  If you can’t see yourself as a club officer, at least make the effort to volunteer for a special event or task needed throughout the year.  We all need to carry the work needed to run AAUG, not just a few.

I would encourage members to bring a friend or acquaintance to the meeting.  We would like to increase our membership in 2022.  I’ve seen hundreds of people thirsting for tech help with the community’s conversion to streaming TV.    

Some other things members can do in 2022:  Offer to write an article for the AAUG eNews.  Drop off our AAUG business cards at stores you frequent by posting them on their community boards.  If you don’t have cards, see Dale Hanson.  Or simply, ask a club officer if they need help doing something.  All of us can make the new year even better.

 We are going to close out 2021 with a great program at our membership meeting and have our final Computers and Caffeine scheduled for Dec 18th, 10 a.m.  We will still be virtual until it’s safe to do so. 

 We will be starting our 2022 program with some great speakers who will be informative and entertaining. First and foremost, before we get there, I wish all our members a happy holiday season for you and your families.

Happy Holidays,


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