Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions we may encounter or have encountered. This will be updated as needed.

What is the Activity Page?

The Activity page includes your activity feed. This feed includes the latest news, events, and groups posts and discussions.

Can I post to the Activity feed?

Yes! This feed is a place for you to share anything with the other members.  Think of this like a Facebook Feed, but without the ads or algorithm. It is based on a timeline without outside promotion. As new items are posted, the older items are moved down the timeline.

Do Groups have an Activity feed?

Yes! This feed is like the main Activity feed, but it is contained within the group itself and will only include items posted within the group.

How do I create a topic discussion?

Through the Groups! Topics can be easily found within Group Discussions for people to reply to. Groups are more like a discussion forum with topics. 

Can I send direct messages to members?

No. You can only send direct messages to staff members. To do this, go to the Members page, filter by Staff Members, and select the staff member you’d like to send a direct message to. They will then receive a notification that you messaged them.

Can I report a post?

Yes. Within any post, you are able to Report that post. The staff will then receive a notification and take care of it from there.

Can I create a group?

Not at this time. You can direct message a staff member to request a group though!

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