Apple launches new Apple Watch Series 7, iPad Mini, iPhone 13 and iOS 15 software

Apple has released its new software for their line of hardware and now comes the learning curve. For some of us, this will be followed with new hardware, either new or from someone who has upgraded.

The iOS 15 has brought substantial changes with Notifications, Apple Maps, Live Photos, Focus and Safari browser improvements along with many minor additions. I’d urge you to learn more about each of these from Dan’s Tutorials, iPhone Life, AAUG Website and the Mac Minutes Podcast.  All these sources are addressing the features.

Apple announced the AppleWatch Series 7 will be coming Friday, Oct. 15.  It is a redesigned front with more screenspace, always on capability and increased storage capacity.  Supplies will be limited so ordering early beginning Friday, Oct 7 is recommended.  It will be a good upgrade for those AAUG members who still are using the AppleWatch 5 or before.

We will be on Zoom Conference again in October and maybe longer, as the BP Energy Center remains closed due to the COVID pandemic.   The future is uncertain but as soon as we can do so safely, Once the center returns to normal operations, we will go to in-person meetings.  Until then, we are arranging for some informative on-line speakers.

Our guest speaker at the Wednesday, October 13th, AAUG Membership Meeting is the owner of the Alaska MAC Store, Mr. Raymond (Ray) Long.  He is an Apple Authorized Repair Center.  Ray will be talking about his store’s services and their interaction with Apple Inc. He can also answer your questions about repairs and hardware.

If you have a specific question, I’d urge you to email me at NLT Oct 8 to allow him to do any research he may need to perform.

Also, there is Computers and Caffeine which is scheduled for Oct 23, 10 a.m. until noon. Feel free to stay 30 minutes or the 2 hours. It’s an impromptu discussion about technology products.  Topics are arranged on a first come, first serve basis.

We have Dan Wassink managing our website with the help of Gary Miller.  It is now an educational and informative website format.  I would encourage members to periodically check the site for new information

We have an opening on the board for a public relations board member.  If you are interested, please email me at the above address.  We can tailor the duties to your skill set and time available.

We have a board of directors meeting scheduled for Wed, Oct 27 at 6:30 pm.  Anyone can attend.  It will be using Zoom Conference.

Thank you and see you October 13 on Zoom for our AAUG meeting.

President, AAUG

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