AAUG prepares for “in-person” start up

We are preparing for the fall start of the Alaskan Apple Users Group. We will be meeting in person at the BP Energy Center starting Sep 8 at 7 pm. I hope you are having a great summer. Let me talk about some of the changes we have instituted to get the 2021 / 2022 program underway.


We need to get all our membership back together and try to gain some members in the process. From September through December, we will be holding a, “AAUG Membership Drive”, where guests can attend for free. Please bring a friend to one of our fall meetings and we will be making publicity materials available for members to distribute. We also need a Public Relations board member to manage the program. If you have just a couple hours a month to donate, it will help ensure AAUG is successful this fall.


For members who have paid their membership during the pandemic 2020 and 2021, your payment will go toward the 2022 year. For those who need to pay your dues, please do so December. Rates will remain unchanged $25 a year, and donations are welcomed. We will be going to a calendar year payment schedule, 1 Jan 2022-31 Dec 2022.


We also need some people to volunteer for Hospitality. Please email me for September’s meeting or see Liana at the September meeting for subsequent meetings. We need everyone to help get AAUG back to a in person format.


The Board of Directors will meet July 28 at 6:30 pm via Zoom Conference Call. If you would like to listen in, please email me for the access information. We are motivated and looking forward to getting started. We are aggressively working on completing our lineup for speakers.


The highly speculated launch of the iPhone 13 and more will correspond about the same time as our fall meeting or a little afterwards. I would encourage people to watch for tech journalist’s speculating and Apple’s announcement of the launch on our Facebook page. There may be some other devices being updated and the new operating systems, specifically MAC OS Monterey and iOS15. We will work to try and have some workshops as soon as instructional materials are available and use Dan’s Tutorials for training.


The Mac Minutes Podcast is available at https://macminutes.blubrry.net. I am always looking for guests to talk about their tech. We can do it in person or over the phone. Furthermore, it allows for us to publicize AAUG. Many of the listeners are from Alaska. Also, if you have topic suggestions, please let me know.


Our library will be up and running at our kick-off meeting so arrive a few minutes early to browse our newest additions. If there is a series of books you think should be included in our library, please suggest.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve AAUG and all the enjoyment Apple technology brings me. We will see you soon!

Best wishes,



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