AAUG looking forward to future, Apple announcements coming

By President Jon Scudder

It finally looks like the COVID pandemic is receding and we may get a chance to start and plan how to return club operations back to normal.  We have a Board of Directors later this month and it will be a topic of the timetable to return to seeing each other besides through a monitor.

Let me be clear, Zoom Conference capability has been a blessing to keep the club running for the past couple years.  It has a purpose in our future, but our intention is to resume in person and potentially hybrid meetings.  I mention hybrid meetings because there are members who would rather participate from their home.  Plus, it allows those who travel away for the winter to stay connected.

Apple Tech journalists are stating there will be new hardware and iPhone accessories coming soon. Speculation includes an entry level iPhone, AppleWatch and more hardware.  Accessories include multiple colorful new cases to protect your iPhone.

We are motivated and looking forward to planning meetings for the upcoming year.  I’d like to thank all those AAUG members who have been dedicated over the pandemic.  Our core membership has remained strong and look forward to seeing your all soon.  Please feel free to talk with me or any board member about your fresh ideas.  With everyone’s help, we can make AAUG better than ever.

Best wishes,


Jon Scudder, President
Alaskan Apple Users Group
Anchorage, Alaska

Jon Scudder
President, AAUG
Cell: (907) 268-0557
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Twitter:  @AKAppleUsersGp
Web: AKAppleUsersGp.com

Jon Scudder
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Personal Cell: (907) 268-0557
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